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 Sedan S 

Pattaya to BKK Airport  1,000.

Pattaya to Bangkok City 1,300.

Pattaya to UTP Airport      700.


BKK Airport to Pattaya  1,000.


Bangkok City to Pattaya 1,300.

 * 1-3 Passengers.

* 2 Medium luggage.


 Sedan L 

Pattaya to BKK Airport  1,200.

Pattaya to Bangkok City 1,500.

Pattaya to UTP Airport      800.


BKK airport to Pattaya  1,200.

BKK airport to Bangkok   800.

BKK airport to Bangsare 1500.


Bangkok to Pattaya         1,500.

Bangkok to BKK Airport   800.

Bangkok to Bang sare      1,800.

 * 1-3 Passengers.

* 2 Large luggage.



Pattaya to BKK airport  1,400.

Pattaya to Bangkok city  1,700.

Pattaya to UTP airport   1,000.


BKK airport to Pattaya   1,400.

BKK airport to Bangkok 1,000.

BKK airport to Bang sare 1700.


Bangkok to Bkk airport  1,000.

Bangkok to Pattaya         1,700.

Bangkok to Bang sare     2,000.

 * 1- 4 Passengers.

* 2 Large 2 Medium luggage.


All prices are in Thai baht, all Tolls fees included.

  We no longer do any trips to and from DMK airport, Rayong, BanPhe, Trat, Koh Chang, Hua Hin  

 Sedan S 
Pattaya Day Trip
4 hours 1,200 Baht.
8 hours 2,000 Baht.
Short Trip start 350 baht .(0ne way)


 Sedan L 
Pattaya Day Trip
4 hours 1,500 Baht.
8 hours 2,200 Baht.
Short Trip start 400 baht .(0ne way)


Pattaya Day Trip
4 hours 1,700 Baht.
8 hours 2,500 Baht.
Short Trip start 500 baht .(0ne way)


 To Book Nam's Taxi 
Please send us an email with the details below:
Pick up date.
Pick up time. 
Name of your place for pick up.
Name of your place for drop off.
Number of passengers.
* For an Airport pick up, Please give us a Flight number and arrival time.
After we have received your email, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Email :

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